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When right-now is everything, and presence is digital and global, connecting directly to your constituents in real-time is crucial. We provide the opportunity to show that you are listening, and that you are technologically progressive. We enable you to host fire-side chats and campaign events with multiple-cities and the web simultaneously.

Your constituents, citizens, and voters now insist upon increased levels of transparency, engagement, and digital participation, and they are rewarding, with support and votes, those forward-thinking organizations that meet this demand. Deployed strategically, new technologies can connect you to stakeholders for a fraction of the cost of traditional communication methods.

Learn how we can help your office, project, and campaign adapt and thrive.

To control spending, assure continual integration of learning and delivery of value, and flex design with changing campaign priorities, we structure the work in phases. Each phase is completed before the design and pricing of the next phase is final. Total costs depend on the scope and scale of the campaign.

Recommended beginning: co-creation of a social campaign design ($5,000+)

This gives a flexible roadmap to implement campaign social web services.

  • review existing campaign strategy, policy and calendar
  • review existing campaign web technology and skills assets
  • establish campaign goals for use of the social web
  • define and price SWS services in work phases needed to accomplish campaign social web goals

Use the social web to conduct campaign fund raising and opposition research

Conduct campaign fundraising using the social web ($ as marked). These services amplify and supplement standard campaign fundraising. Social web fundraising costs can be estimated at 15%-30% of realized collections.

  • set-up campaign direct fund raising via the social web ($5,000+)
  • conduct campaign direct fundraising activities ($3,500+)
  • integrate social web fundraising into standard campaign fundraising ($3,500+)

Conduct opposition research* (campaign intelligence) using social web sources ($2,500 per search)

  • opponent intelligence
  • candidate intelligence
  • issues intelligence
  • donor/supporter intelligence

*Each search addresses a single person, entity or topic. Web-based open records research may also be included, at additional cost, to address business affiliations, asset holdings and litigation backgrounds.

Use the social web to develop engaged voter relationships (social campaign messaging) ($15,000+)

  • integrating use of the social web into campaign messaging
  • conducting social web development of direct voter relationships
  • expanding standard campaign events impact by social web use
  • conduct social web based campaign events

Voter engagement/messaging costs typically run 12%-17.5% of total campaign costs. Use of these services requires initial purchase of the campaign design ($5,000) plus $10,000+ additional committed funding.

Co-Local Skype Events

We’ve innovated a low-cost method to connect multiple geographic locations by video-conference with high-quality video and audio, with options to live-stream the results to the web and engage with live text interactivity via micro-blogging platforms.

Demo and Press Coverage

Social Web Strategies Principal Robert Matney developed the methodology for a performance which linked actors and audiences across the Atlantic and web-wide into a single play. Arts editor for The Guardian, UK, Mark Fisher, calls it “a brilliant snapshot of our brave new social media world….”

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