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In five short years, half the general public has shifted from the old broadcast media (TV, radio, newspapers) to the internet for communication, news, entertainment and shopping. Hundreds of millions have embraced new social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.  As a result, a new social business environment has emerged around our organizations in a rising crescendo of change, transforming our whole conduct our life, bringing new risks, new rules, and vast new opportunities for economic growth.

This is bigger than ‘social media.’ This is global social computing – social business for all.

Emergence of the Global Sustainable Society:
Circular Economy + Social Business = New Global Business Environment

A new global business environment, leading to a sustainable world society, is emerging from two accelerating shifts that are now transforming how we use natural systems and material resources (materiality), and how we coordinate human action (sociality).


Continuing industrial development has brought us into contact with the one-planet limit on material supply. Thus, material resource scarcity is increasing, raising supply costs and shifting us away from the old economic growth strategy based in continually increasing resource consumption (more with more), to a new growth strategy based in increasing resource performance (more with less). This new framework is called the ‘Circular Economy,’ reflecting the ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ process for material supply.


Global adoption of the digital communications and information technology (CIT) platform has converged media, communications and information processing onto the internet. Thus, CIT resource abundance is increasing, lowering communication costs and shifting  us from the old coordination strategy based in hierarchical messaging (chain of command), to a new coordination strategy based in networked conversation (peer teaming). This new framework is called ‘Social Business,’ reflecting the use of conversation for producing coordination.

In the materiality domain, global momentum into the Circular Economy continues to strongly accelerate, with China’s passage in 2008 of a national law calling for full conversion onto a Circular Economic basis, and with inclusion of this objective in their new five year plan of 2012, In the sociality domain global momentum into Social Business also continues to strongly accelerate with a majority of the public in the developed world electing to participate in one or more of the major commercial social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Circular Economy + Social Business = a completely new global business environment:enabling economic growth, material demand reduction, restoration of natural systems, stabilization of world population, and emergence of a global sustainable society.

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