Robert Matney

Principal for Social Business for Hospitals

Robert Matney is a social computing strategist and communication mechanic focused on the intersection of technology, community, commerce, and narrative. Robert architects collaboration processes and community relations via comprehensive web strategy, social web community management, customer support methods, and expert copy and content creation.

Robert has rich experience developing and implementing web strategy and integrated communication programs for a diverse set of clients including software firms, telecommunication companies, national food product manufacturers, and petroleum corporations. In 2009 he designed and led executive workshops on social computing tactics targeted for telecommunications firms in the middle east. In 2010, Robert designed executive workshops on social computing strategy affecting middle eastern petroleum companies.

In 2011, Robert spoke at SXSW Interactive and the International Fusebox Festival about his work on digital interactive theater, the intersection of social computing and performance art, for which he was interviewed by BBC News and many other publications, including a guest blog for Skype’s corporate blog.

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